Pankaku,Inc. provides you with this translation of the Japanese version of these terms, You agree that the translation is provided for your convenience only and that the Japanese version of the terms will control if there is any conflict.

YOU MUST AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE WITHOUT FAIL BEFORE USING THIS SERVICE. (The Terms and Conditions of Use may be amended without prior notice. When the Terms and Conditions of Use are amended in the future, the amendment will be applied to use by user after the amendment and user is deemed to have agreed to the amendment.)

Terms and Conditions of Use

1.Concerning the services “Pankia” (the ”Service”) provided by Pankaku, Inc. (the “Company”), the person who uses the Service (“User”) must agree to the terms and conditions of use before using these services. When the Company approves the registration for use by the relevant User, credentials to use the Service provided by the Company (the “User Credentials”) shall be granted to the User.

2.User must agree to various rules (the “Individual Rules”) stipulated by the Company in addition to the terms and conditions of use before using this service. If the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use and Individual Rules differ, the provisions of the Individual Rules shall prevail.

3.The Company may amend the Terms and Conditions of Use and the Individual Rules (the “Terms and Conditions, etc.” collectively) without prior notice to the User. When the Terms and Conditions, etc. are amended, the amendment shall be applied to use by User after the relevant amendment and User shall by the relevant use be deemed to have agreed to the relevant amendment.

4.In addition to the Terms and Conditions, individual applications that use the Service shall be used upon agreement to the terms and conditions of use of the relevant applications.

Warning on Use

1.User shall register and manage information that User registered upon use (the “Registered Information,” including the mail address and password, etc.) voluntarily at its responsibility.

2.User must observe the following matters to prevent having a third party use User’s password:

 a. Make the password one that cannot be easily guessed by a third party
 b. Avoid showing own password to a third party
 c. When using the Service on a computer or mobile phone that is used by multiple persons, without fail log out and end the web browser session when finishing use of the Service
 d. When using the Service on a mobile phone that is used by multiple persons, cancel the easy-login (function for omitting entry of mail address and password at time of log in) registration in advance
 e. When the Service is used with the registered password, the Company may treat the use as use by the person who performed registration for use, and results arising out of the relevant use and any and all responsibility accompanying the results shall belong to the person who performed registration for use.

3.In the case where any loss is incurred by the Company or by a third party due to improper use of the password, the User shall compensate the Company and the relevant third party for the relevant loss.

4.User shall manage the registered information at its responsibility, and the Company shall assume no liability for any disadvantages and losses incurred by User due to inaccurate or false registered information.

5.The Company may view all User contents (including any and all information posted, edited or sent by the User making use of the functions of the Service) as necessary for management, and if the Company judges these to infringe the Terms and Conditions, etc., the Company may render all or part of the relevant user contents undisclosed to public, or delete these without prior notice to User. Moreover, if the Company judges it necessary for the sake of protection of the rights, assets or services of the Company, or the protection of the life, body or assets of a third party, the Company may disclose or provide user contents to public organizations, including the courts or police within the necessary scope.

6.User may use the Service in accordance under the conditions of age or environment of use, etc., within the scope provided by the Company.

7.The Service is free to use except for a part of the services and contents. However, the communication fees resulting from use of the Service shall be borne by User.

Personal Information

1.Personal information shall be used properly in accordance with the Privacy Policy (http://pankia.com/privacy) separately provided by the Company.

2.Personal information of the User will not be disclosed without the consent of the User to a party other than the cooperating companies with which the Company has executed confidentiality agreements. However, in the following cases the Company may disclose the personal information.

 a. When the Company reasonably judges it necessary to disclose under the laws and regulations,
 b. When disclosure is necessary for the protection of life, body or the assets of a person, and when it is judged difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned to the information,
 c. When disclosure is especially necessary for improvement of the public sanitation or the sound rearing of children, and when it is judged difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned to the information.
 d. When disclosure is necessary for cooperation in the execution of affairs as provided by the laws and regulations by a national organ or public entity or a party deputized thereby, and when it is judged that there is a possibility of obstructing the execution of the relevant affairs by gaining the consent of the person concerned
 e. When the primary entity of the Service is changed due to merger or some other reasons and it is judged necessary to transfer the personal information for continuation of the Service
 f. Concerning the payment of the use fee of the Service, when the information is provided within the necessary scope for payment by credit card, or in the case where improper credit card payment, etc. is suspected, when the information is provided within the necessary scope for checking as to truthfulness, to the payment consignment company or credit card company, etc. with which the Company is affiliated.


1.The User may post or edit only information such as text, images or footage (video), etc. to which the User himself owns the required intellectual property rights to do so, such as copyrights, or the User is granted the required license by the rights holder using the Service.

2.Copyright to the text, images or footage (video), etc. that the user posts or edits using the Service shall be reserved to the relevant User and other existing rights holders. However, text, images or footage (video), etc. that the user posts or edits using the Service may be used by the Company on the site or in other media and services of the Company or by sites affiliated with the Company in processing judged necessary by the Company. The User shall not exercise author’s personal rights on the use of the copyrighted works by the Company under this paragraph.

3.Except for copyrights to text, images or footage (video), etc. that the user posts or edits using the Service set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Service and any and all information in relation to the Service shall belong to the Company and the rights holder who granted the use thereof to the Company, and User must not without permission reproduce, assign, lend, translate, alter, reprint, publicly transmit (including facilitating the transmission), transmit, distribute, publish or make use operationally thereof, and the like.

Non-approval of Registration for Use

1.When the Company judges the following matters to be applicable to the registration for use, the Company may not approve the registration for use.

2.When the registration of use is made by a person who has violated the Terms and Conditions, etc.

3.When the registration of use is made by invitation of a person who has violated the Terms and Conditions, etc.

4.When the registration information aims at masquerading as the Company or to a third party.

5.When the registered information includes language that imparts a sense of contempt for a third party or against the public order and morals.

6.In any other case in which the Company judges the registration to be improper.

Prohibited Acts

On the use of the Service, irrespective of the willful act or error of the User, the Company prohibits acts that Company judges to fall under the following paragraphs (prohibited, irrespective of which function of the Service is used for performing the action) when User engages in the prohibited acts, the Company may delete the applicable part, suspend the use of the Service and deprive the user of credentials without prior notice. In such instance, the Company will accept no inquiries or complaints as to the results of deletion and measures on suspension of use. Users must agree in advance that the Company will handle the case in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, etc. even if the User is unable to confirm email from the Company due to the User’s situation.

1.Anti-social activities

 a. Act that violates laws and regulations or public morals
 b. Criminal act or act that announces a criminal act in advance, that is involved in a criminal act, or that supports a criminal act
 c. Act of posting or registering, etc. information and the like that includes a falsehood or contents that create a misunderstanding
 d. Act of imposing a burden on the server exceeding the scope of normal use, and act of assisting in such act, and other act of interfering in or obstructing the operation and provision of the Service or the use of the Service by other users
 e. Act of infringing industrial property rights (patent rights, trademark rights, etc.), copyrights, or intellectual property rights such as corporate secrets, etc. of a third party
 f. Act of infringing the credibility or honor of a third party, or infringing the privacy rights, portrait rights or any other right of a third party. In such instance, as for the third party, irrespective of whether it be an individual or corporation, private person or public person, and as to identification of the third party, this is irrespective of the form or means of description such as user ID, nickname, real name, link to User, etc.
 g. Act of posting words or other expressions to glorify, induce, or assist suicide, self mortification, or abuse of drugs, etc.
 h. Act of harassment against a third party, irrespective of the means, such as stalking.
 i. Act of posting language that leads to discrimination by ethnicity, race, sex or age, etc.

2.Obscene or violent language, act aiming at dating

 a. Irrespective of the existence of the use of pixelization or shading, or artistic characteristics, photographs of nudity with extreme exposure such as images of wearing underwear, full closes-up of breasts or buttocks, etc., or exposure of sexual organs, or other images, footage (video), illustrations, or drawings that are judged to be obscene, or acts of posting words that fall under sex act or sex organ, or other obscene expression
 b. Violent or grotesque photo, and any other image or word from which general users feel discomfort
 c. Act of posting text on a sexual act or text with that aim via the Service
 d. Act of solicitation of the viewer to an adult site through placement of a link, etc.
 e. Act of posting a link to a download site, etc. for prostitution of children, pornography, of uncensored video imagery
 f. Act of introduction of adult goods
 g. Any and all acts the Company judges to aim at primarily aiming at or inducing dating with the opposite sex, etc.
 h. Any other act judged to have a bad effect on the formation of personal character, etc. of minors (tattoos, drinking or smoking by minors, etc.)

3.Commercial acts

 a. Irrespective of whether the aim be for profit or not, posting of information or sending of email (except for those that are authorized by the Company) aiming at the sale and purchase or exchange of goods or services (including advertisements, announcements or the solicitation thereof) *Even in the case of information on free seminars, etc., if the seminar includes selling objects at the relevant seminar or executing contracts at the relevant seminar, etc., it shall be deemed to fall under information the posting of which is prohibited under this item.
 b. Act of use by the User of the Service provided by the Company for commercial purposes (irrespective of the format, such as use, regeneration, reproduction, copy, sale resale, etc.) as to all or part of the Services provided by the User (except for those authorized by the Company)
 c. Act by the User of using other than for private use as an individual any of the information User acquires through the Service by means of reproduction, sale, publishing, publication, etc., and act of causing other users or a third party other than user to engage in the same kind of act
 d. Multiple sending or cross-posting with the same purpose aiming at advertisement, announcement or solicitation, etc.
 e. Posting or sending of information with the following contents
  i. Information with contents that solicit a third party such as pyramid scheme, chain mail, MLM (multi level marketing) lead mail, etc.
  ii. Information to solicit viewer to a site where profits such as service points, etc. are incurred though affiliation or invitation (except for those authorized buy the Company)
  iii. Information that includes information for sale
 f. Any medical treatment or act similar to medical treatment, whether for-profit or non (irrespective of the use of drugs, spirituality, power stones, counseling, fortune-telling, etc. in form) (except for those authorized by the Company)
 g. Collection and accumulation of personal information of other users or acts to attempt to do so.

4.Act of posting personal information

 a. Act of posting information by which the individual can be specified, such as personal email address, telephone number, license plate, financial institution account no., address, etc., irrespective of whether these be of the User personally, or of a third party *please cooperate with us in the prevention of posting with the aim of masquerading or use similar to an online dating site
 b. Act of disguising a third party by posting or registering false information (including personal information such as the name, birth date, mail address, address, etc.) or use of the Service by a person other than the User himself using the registered information (mail address and password, etc.) even in the case where the person has permission from the User himself.


 a. Act of making friend requests or posting messages without restriction
 b. political activities, religious activities (except for those authorized by the Company)
 c. Re-registration in the Service by the User whose use is suspended for violation
 d. Invitation of User intentionally or through negligence whose use has been suspended for violation
 e. Assignment of invitation card to a third party, or allowing user credentials to be used by a third party or assigning the user credentials
 f. By one person having multiple user credentials
 g. Assigning the right of use of a part of the Service by a method other than one provided by the Company
 h. Exchange the right of use of a part of the Service for cash or other property or property interests, or an act of advertisement, announcement or solicitation of such exchange transaction
 i. Other act judged inappropriate by the Company due to justifiable reason.

DISCLAIMER and User Responsibilities and Burdens

User must use the Service with the following understanding of the DISCLAIMER and user responsibilities and burdens.

1.When the Company judges it necessary, the Company may change, suspend or cancel the Service at any time without notice to the User. The Company shall assume absolutely no liability to the User in the case where the Company changes, suspends or cancels the Service or when it is unavoidable to change, suspend or cancel the Services due to incident or accident. Those parts of the Service that are released with a deadline as a part of the Service shall be suspended as of the elapse of the set deadline, and the Company shall assume no liability to Users in such instance.

2.The User may not make claim for damages against the Company except for in the case where there is reason attributable to the Company when the damage incurred due to (1) use or inability to use the Service (2) improper access or improper alteration (3) act of stating or sending opinions by other Users during use of the Service (4) other act or masquerading by a third party (5) any other case of damage arising out of or in relation to the Service. Furthermore, the User agrees that, except for where there has been a willful act or gross error of the Company, in any case where (i) such damage subject to compensation will be limited to direct and normal damage that accrued actually arising out of reason attributable to the Company, and (ii) cumulative total of damage for which the Company compensates User shall be up to the total amount of moneys of which the Company has received payment from the User in relation to the Services.

3.Even in case there is the language of“get,” “purchase,” or“buy,” etc., in the Services provided to the User, User only has right of use within the scope provided within the Services and will not acquire copyrights or intellectual property rights, etc.

4.When a dispute arises between Users, the relevant Users who are involved in the dispute must settle the dispute at their responsibility and if any loss is incurred by the Company, other Users, or a third party other than the Users, the relevant Users shall compensate for the loss.

5.When any dispute arises between the User and a third party other than the User, the relevant User who is involved in the dispute must settle the dispute at it responsibility and if any loss is incurred by the Company, other Users, or a third party other than the Users, the relevant User shall compensate for the loss.

6.In addition to the preceding two paragraphs, all claims and charges arising out of or in relation to connection by User to the Services by text, images, footage (video), etc. posted or edited by the User with the Service, on violation of the User of the Terms and Conditions, etc. or infringement of the rights of a third party by User shall be settled at the responsibility and expense of the User

7.When there is infringement of the rights of a third party by User, if indemnity or other expenses are accrued by the Company in relation to claims or charges by a third party, the relevant User who is involved in the dispute shall assume the relevant indemnity and other expenses (including legal fees paid by the Company).

Handling disputes

1.Any dispute arising between the Company and the User shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court.

2.Any dispute arising between the Company and the User shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Last modified July 31, 2015











 a. 容易に第三者に推測されないパスワードとすること
 b. 第三者に自己のパスワードを公開しないこと
 c. 複数の人間が使用するコンピュータならびに携帯電話上で本サービスを利用する場合は、本サービスの利用を終えるときに必ずログアウトしウェブブラウザを終了させること
 d. 複数の人間が使用する携帯電話上で本サービスを利用する場合は、かんたんログイン(ログイン時のメールアドレスとパスワードの入力を省略できる機能)の登録解除を行っておくこと
 e. 弊社は、登録されたパスワードによって本サービスの利用があった場合、利用登録をおこなった本人が利用したものと扱うことができ、当該利用によって生じた結果ならびにそれに伴う一切の責任については、利用登録を行った本人に帰属するものとします。









 a. 法令に基づいて、開示が必要であると弊社が合理的に判断した場合
 b. 人の生命、身体または財産の保護のために必要がある場合であって、本人の同意を得ることが困難であると判断した場合
 c. 公衆衛生の向上または児童の健全な育成の推進のために特に必要がある場合であって、本人の同意を得ることが困難であると判断した場合
 d. 国の機関もしくは地方公共団体またはその委託を受けた者が法令の定める事務を遂行することに対して協力する必要がある場合であって、本人の同意を得ることにより当該事務の遂行に支障を及ぼすおそれがあると判断した場合
 e. 合併その他の事由によりサービスの主体が変更され、サービスの継続のため個人情報を移管する必要があると判断した場合
 f. 本サービスの利用料金の支払いについて、弊社が提携する決済代行会社、クレジットカード会社等に対して、クレジットカード決済等に必要な範囲内、およびクレジットカード決済等の不正が疑われる場合等において、その真偽を確かめる為に必要な範囲内で提供する場合。













本サービスの利用について、ユーザーの故意・過失を問わず以下の各項に該当すると弊社が判断する行為を禁止します(本サービスのいかなる機能を利用してなされたかに関わらず、禁止されます)。禁止行為を行った場合は、事前の告知なく該当箇所の削除や本サービスの利用停止、ユーザー資格の剥奪を行う場合があります。その場合、削除結果および利用停止措置に関する質問・苦情は一切受け付けておりません。 なお、ユーザーのご事情により、弊社からのメールを確認できなかった場合も、本利用規約等に則った対応をさせていただきますのであらかじめご了承ください。


 a. 法令または公序良俗に違反する行為
 b. 犯罪行為またはこれを予告、関与、助長する行為
 c. 虚偽または誤解を招くような内容を含む情報等を掲載、登録する等の行為
 d. 通常利用の範囲を超えてサーバーに負担をかける行為、およびそれを助長するような行為、その他本サービスの運営・提供または他のユーザーによる本サービスの利用を妨害し、またはそれらに支障をきたす行為
 e. 第三者の産業財産権(特許権、商標権等)、著作権、企業秘密等の知的財産権を侵害する行為
 f. 第三者の信用もしくは名誉を侵害し、または第三者のプライバシー権、肖像権その他一切の権利を侵害する行為 。この際、第三者については個人・法人/私人・公人の別を問わず、第三者の特定についてはユーザーID、ニックネーム、本名、ユーザーへのリンク等の記載形態、手段を問わない。
 g. 自殺、自傷行為、薬物乱用等を美化・誘発・助長する恐れのある言葉、その他の表現の掲載行為
 h. ストーキング行為を行う等、方法のいかんを問わず、第三者に対する嫌がらせ行為
 i. 民族・人種・性別・年齢等による差別につながる表現の掲載行為


 a. モザイク、ぼかしの有無、美術性に係わらず、下着姿を含む露出度の高いヌード、胸や臀部等のアップや性器が露出した写真等、その他卑猥と判断される画像・映像(動画)・イラスト・絵画の掲載、および性行為や性器に該当する言葉、その他猥褻的な表現の掲載行為
 b. 暴力的、グロテスクな写真、およびその他一般ユーザーが不快に感じる画像、言葉など、その他の表現の掲載行為
 c. サービス内での性行為表現、またはそれを意図した表現の掲載行為
 d. リンクを張る等して、アダルトサイトに誘導する行為
 e. 児童買春・ポルノ、無修正ビデオ映像のダウンロードサイト等へのリンク掲載行為
 f. アダルト関係の商品について紹介する行為
 g. 異性との出会い等を希望、または誘導することが主目的であると弊社が判断する一切の行為
 h. その他、未成年者の人格形成等に悪影響を与えると判断される行為 (刺青・未成年者の飲酒、喫煙等)


 a. 営利・非営利目的を問わず、物やサービスの売買・交換(それらの宣伝・告知・勧誘を含む)を目的とする情報の掲載または、メールの送信行為(ただし、弊社が許可したものを除く) ※無料セミナー等の情報であっても、当該セミナー等で物品を販売したり、契約を締結させるような内容のセミナーであれば本号で掲載が禁止される情報に該当するものとみなします。
 b. ユーザーが、弊社の提供する本サービスについて、その全部あるいは一部を問わず、商業目的で利用(使用、再生、複製、複写、販売、再販売等、形態のいかんを問いません)する行為(ただし、弊社が許可したものを除く)
 c. ユーザーが、本サービスを通じて入手した全ての情報について、複製、販売、出版、公開その他の方法において、個人としての私的使用以外の使用をする行為、また、他のユーザー、ユーザー以外の第三者をして同様の行為をさせる行為
 d. 宣伝・告知・勧誘等を目的とする同一趣旨の複数の発信や掲載
 e. 次に掲げる内容の情報を、掲載または送信する行為
  ii. アフィリエイトや招待することでポイント等の利益が発生するサイトへ誘導する情報(ただし、弊社が認めるものを除く)
  iii. 情報商材を含む情報
 f. 営利・非営利を問わず、全ての医療及び医療類似行為(その形態において薬剤の利用、スピリチュアル、パワーストーン、カウンセリング、占い行為、等を問わない)(ただし、弊社が許可したものを除く)。
 g. 他のユーザーの個人情報を収集、蓄積する行為、またはこれらの行為をしようとすること


 a. 本人、第三者の如何を問わず個人のメールアドレス、電話番号、ナンバープレート、金融機関口座番号、住所など個人と特定しうる情報の掲載行為 ※なりすまし晒し目的投稿や、出会い系サイト類似利用を防止する為、ご協力をお願いします。
 b. 虚偽の情報(名前、誕生日、メールアドレス、住所などの個人情報を含む)を掲載、登録することで第三者になりすます行為、また、ユーザー本人に許可を受けた場合であっても、ユーザー本人以外が登録情報(メールアドレスやパスワード等)を利用して本サービスを利用する行為


 a. 無差別に友だち希望・メッセージ投稿を行う行為
 b. 政治活動、宗教活動行為(ただし、弊社が許可したものを除く)
 c. 違反行為により利用停止されたユーザーが再度サービスに登録する行為
 d. 違反行為により利用停止されたユーザーを故意または過失により招待する行為
 e. 招待状を第三者へ譲渡する行為、またユーザー資格を第三者に利用させるまたは譲渡する行為
 f. 1人で複数のユーザー資格を保有する行為
 g. サービスの一部の利用権を弊社が定めた方法以外の方法で譲渡する行為
 h. サービスの一部の利用権をもって、現金その他の財物、財産上の利益との交換取引をすること、または交換取引をすることの宣伝・告知・勧誘する行為
 i. その他、弊社が、合理的な理由に基づき不適切と判断する行為




2.ユーザーは、(1)本サービスを利用したこと、または利用ができなかったこと、(2)不正アクセスや不正な改変がなされたこと、(3)本サービス中の他の ユーザーによる発言、送信(発信)行為、(4)その他の行為、第三者のなりすまし行為、(5)その他本サービスに関連する事項に起因または関連して損害が生じた場合について、弊社の責に帰すべき事由がある場合に限り、弊社に対し損害賠償を請求できるものとします。また、ユーザーは、弊社に故意または重過失がある場合を除き、いかなる場合においても、(i) かかる損害賠償の対象となる損害が、弊社の責に帰すべき事由に起因して現実に発生した、直接かつ通常の範囲の損害に限定されること、および(ii)弊社がユーザーに対して賠償する損害の累積額は、弊社が本サービスに関連してユーザーから支払を受けた金銭の合計額を上限とすることに同意します。